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Does a beard make you more of a man?

Posted by Cory on

I have seen countless articles written or satire pages on Facebook as well as memes stating that without a beard it makes you less of a man.  I have to be honest this is a bit ridiculous.  Now granted all of us at Huckleberry Beard Company have some sort of facial hair and myself including having not been clean shaven since the Army.  This however does not make us more manly or any tougher.  It is just a style that many men choose to wear and have be a part of their livelihood. 

We all joke around occasionally with many of the ideas mentioned before but their is a trend that is trying to creep up out of the armpit of hell trying to put down men who are linked to these posts. Question is; I will say that I am fairly certain that many people have been to a comedy show and laughed and had a great time where the comedian may have said a few racy comments. 

I have just one thing to say to most of the people who are claiming they are offended by these remarks.  If you do not like what people are saying then do not listen.  As for the people who are making the claims that you are a girl without a beard.  If you guys really believe this, our world is in more trouble than the average guy not having a beard. I mean jsut think that at one time while in our adult lives all of HBC were clean shaven to fit in the regs of the Military.  That did not make us any lesser of men! 

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